In the past, you had to put in some serious time and effort running an iron over your clothes or send them out to be cleaned and pressed in order to ensure they appeared neat and unwrinkled. But today with the progress made in technology, people can now appreciate wrinkle-free clothes using the best garment steamers available. What used to just be available to professional cleaners is now offered at an affordable cost for home use.

There are several designs and versions to pick from, but the three main kinds include upright, travel and handheld. These devices can offer many benefits and can do a lot more than just keep your clothes looking brand new.

The garment steamer is a device that can eliminate wrinkles and creases from clothes and a bunch of other items like drapery or bedding. Back in the day, most people resorted to irons but this process is time consuming and can be tricky, especially if you try to iron different garments such as silk outfits or creased pants. With the technology of a clothes steamer, this process is a lot easier and is not tricky at all.

Top 5 Garment Steamers

  • Jiffy J2000
  • Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 16 inches

  • Weight: 13.4 pounds

  • Wattage: 1300 watts

  • Use per filling: 1.5 hours

  • Warranty: 3 years

  • Rowenta IS6300
  • Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 17 inches

  • Weight: 16.2 pounds

  • Wattage: 1550 watts

  • Use per filling: 1 hour

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Sunbeam S1500
  • Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 55 inches

  • Weight: 13.8 pounds

  • Wattage: 1500 watts

  • Use per filling: 1.5 hours

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • J-2 Jiffy
  • Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 16 inches

  • Weight: 17 pounds

  • Wattage: 1300 watts

  • Use per filling: 2 hours

  • Warranty: 3 years

  • PureSteam XL
  • Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 11 inches

  • Weight: 10.2 pounds

  • Wattage: 1500 watts

  • Use per filling: 1 hour

  • Warranty: 2 years

Best Clothes Steamer Buying Guide

All garment steamers function on precisely the same principles, however you will find several different models of them to pick from.

To begin the process, water is poured into the device’s reservoir and is heated until it turns into steam.

A long hose that’s attached to the foundation of the device will carry up the steam into the tube and release it through a nozzle.

To steam the clothes all you need to do is hold the steam head up to the garment to remove creases, wrinkles or even pet hair.

If you despise ironing or just don’t have the patience to go over that time consuming process, don’t worry.

You will be happy to know that even a person with ZERO experience in ironing is able to hold a garment steamer and remove wrinkles and creases in a matter of minutes. See how to steam your clothes here.

As stated above, this device is mostly used for clothing, but it is not only limited to that.

You can use this device on blankets, drapes, beddings and rugs, for example.

You can also use them on couches, chairs and basically any materials and furniture you have in your home.

Some people also prefer to use these devices on mattresses and pet furniture because steam can remove odors and kill mites.


Different Models of Garment Steamers

Handheld Steamers

A handheld model is normally about the size of a travel mug and is pretty light and compact which makes it easy to store and perfect for travel.

It can also be used if you only plan on steaming an outfit or two at a time. These models usually take a couple of minutes to heat up and can hold enough water for fifteen to twenty minutes of use.

If you don’t have much storage or you seldom steam your clothing, then this style of model is ideal. Consumers love the small, compact design of this highly portable style and they’re also more affordable and easy to transport.

However, if you need a device for larger jobs in your home a smaller model is not for you. The miniature water tanks must be refilled frequently and these smaller models are nowhere near as durable as upright ones.


Upright Steamers

The upright steamer is larger than the handheld one and normally stands about 5 ½ feet tall when fully extended. This style is great for steaming larger outfits such as pants, coats or dresses. This style normally heats under a minute and has a larger reservoir of water than others which allows it to up to 2 hours continuously without needing to refill. This is perfect for people who need to steam a lot of clothes.

Upright models can also be very versatile and work on many different fabrics like bedding, drapes, upholstery and other fabrics which require more attention such as silk. There are high powered models that can destroy bed bug eggs, mites, fleas and even lice. Usually upright models come with a bunch of accessories such as a fabric brush, crease attachment, lint attachment, etc.

An upright model is surely the best option if you are looking for a device that can help you achieve a variety of tasks like steaming bedding, drapes, fabrics and clothes in general. Not only are they more efficient than handheld models, they are more durable. If you want to replace your iron, an upright steamer is definitely the right choice for you. Just consider that if you are tight on space these devices can be quite bulky and might be hard for you to store.


Travel Steamers

Travel steamers are great for you to look sharp on the go. This type of device is able to fit in small bags and suitcases which is great for people who travel a lot.

The basic model contains a nozzle that is attached to the water reservoir and the handle.

This allows the steam to go directly from reservoir to through the nozzle. This is great, but it also means that you need to hold the steamer closer to the clothing and the smaller water tank means you’ll have to refill the device more often.

Normally you are able to steam continuously for up to 15 minutes.


Why Garment Steamers Are Better Than Irons

Ease of Use

The garment steamer is extremely easy to use and can quickly eliminate the toughest of creases and wrinkles. It is ever more frequent to see people replacing their traditional irons with a garment steamer because of its practicality and efficiency.


Washing clothes constantly can quickly reduce the lifespan of clothes and deteriorate your fabric’s fibers. Steamers can reduce wear and tear on clothing and fabrics and can even restore some materials.


Having a steamer is like having a professional grade ironing machine ready for use in just minutes. You don’t have to waste money sending your clothes for professionals and can get started steaming in just minutes.

Protecting Your Investment

If you decide to purchase a steamer, however, you must take good care of it and pay attention to its maintenance. Normally, manufacturers recommend to use distilled water in order to avoid calcium build up.

Despite this recommendation, it is very common for people to just use tap water because it is easier. However, in the long run this will be a bad choice and you will see clogs in the head and hose of your device.

The best solution for this issue is to clean your device according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. If you take care of your device constantly, you will not have to worry about crazy malfunctions. This cleaning does not have to be that often.

If you use the steamer with a lot of frequency you might need to clean it twice a month. The most common and effective method involves using baking soda and warm water, but make sure to read the instructions and the user’s manual before you try anything because that could jeopardize your device and make you lose your warranty.

How Your Favorite Clothes can be Saved by a Steamer

There are a lot of types of fabrics that wrinkle very easily and this might lead you to iron them often, however this is a mistake because you can easily damage the fabric.

A great example of this are materials typically found in wedding dresses such as chiffon. This material is very delicate and can be easy to ruin by packing it with other clothes in your closet.

It would also be your worst nightmare to iron it.

However, with a steamer you can easily fix this issue and remove the wrinkles and restore the fabric of this delicate material without ruining it.

You can also use these devices in order to restore shape of vests, jackets and other types of clothes and knitwear.

Sometimes it is necessary to use a professional service in order to clean your clothes and prevent them from being damaged.

You can also use these devices in order to complement professional cleaning services by refreshing your clothes.

Garment steamers are also great at getting rid of strong odors such as tobacco smoke, which gives you great versatility and makes you able to wear those stinky clothes just minutes after.

As you can tell, steamers can make you save a lot of money after each month.

Featured Video: Steam Your Clothes The Right Way

Steamer vs Iron

When leaving the office or attending a special occasion, you have little choice than unwrinkling your clothes to look a bit more decent. Before, you did not have many options to choose from, but thanks to the advance in ironing technology, you can now use either an iron or a steamer. Both of these appliances come with their upsides and shortcomings alike, but your needs and preferences can help select what works best for you.

Both irons and steamers come in different models, sizes, shapes, and features that enable them to perform even better. However, it is undeniable that the steamer usually takes the cake home. This doesn’t mean the iron is bad, it is just our opinion. If you are still undecided on choosing between steamer vs. iron, here are several facts you can consider to help you determine the best choice.


This appliance uses hot water-steam to ease the fabric in clothes to smooth them out. It looks more like the iron, only that it does not have the metal plate in irons for heating the material. The steamer works by directing the steam wand at the end of its attached hose to the garment without bringing the two into contact.


The iron is a handheld appliance that works by transferring heat from its triangular, flat base onto the garment. The clothing should be placed on an ironing board for the process to be efficient. The heated bottom of the iron presses the material flat under the plate. Some irons can use steam while others lack this feature, but the iron has to be super hot. Some irons have heat settings and self-cleaning systems so that they do not stain your clothes. There are also retractable or the cordless types as well as steam or spray settings for keeping the garment moist during ironing.


This appliance can be used on the type of clothes that cannot be easily ironed, like suit jackets and screen-printed shirts. Steamers are also ideal for soft fabrics like satin, silk, and polyester. The steamer works by directing a jet of steam to the cloth. This provides a smooth look without necessarily having to apply heat to the cloth.

Besides, since the steamer does not meet the fabric, it does not risk pressing creases on the fabric. Only remember that you will need to hang the item on a hanger for steaming. What’s more, with a steamer, you do not have to worry about smoothing out ruffles in garments, as well as pleats and sleeves. The secret behind the steamer is that it not only shapes the garment but also preserves the fabric, which is not as possible with the iron. This works best for suits, sweaters and other delicate, yet complicated fabrics.

It is also worth noting that steamers are faster than irons. This is all thanks to the fact that they are easy to handle and require less space, especially the handheld ones.

Since irons usually wrinkle the bottom layer of the garment, thus completely ironing out the wrinkles becomes a challenge. The good thing about steamers is that they do not have this shortcoming. This results from the ability of the steam to penetrate through the garment hence removing most of the wrinkles in the fabric.


Although iron is efficient for use, it can work well on soft fabrics. However, take note that it will not help with the ruffles, pleats, and sleeves.

The iron works better on heavier fabrics as Pima cotton. They usually perform better when used on dress shirts and trousers. This makes them ideal for clothes that require crease ironing, especially on the collars and cuffs. Another benefit that irons pack is that they leave a longer lasting wrinkle-free stature on the garment for longer.

The combination of the lightweight and sufficient press is yet an advantage that the iron boasts of as well. However, the heavier the iron, the better the performance, and the difficult it will be to handle.


The only problem that steamers have is that since they do not contact the fabric directly or apply creases on it, it is hard to achieve crisp ironing.


Iron cannot perform like the steamer when it comes to soft and delicate fabrics. This may thus necessitate consulting the care tags on your fabric before ironing. However, with the steamer, you can do almost any fabric. Besides, irons will not work well on sweaters that may prove difficult to iron with contact.

Irons also cause wrinkles on the bottom layer of your garment. This makes it difficult for you to get rid of wrinkles on your garment thoroughly. Unlike the steamers that users can use to iron their drapes and curtains without necessarily taking them down, the iron cannot help when there are in place.

Moreover, irons are also not efficient in removing odor from the garments, as the steamers will help you effectively. It also is understood that steamers do not work by applying scorching heat on the clothing, which can compromise its longevity.

Top Garment Steamer Brands

There are many steamer brands out there, but here are some of the major ones you can trust.

Some of the top brands are: JiffyRowenta, SunbeamTaoTronics, Kazoo, Joy ManganoSteamfastConairPaxReliable, E-best, PurSteam and Gideon. As time goes by and we review more steamers, we will be sure to include new quality brands in this list!


Both the iron and steamer are necessary appliances to have at home if you want to keep your clothes with that conformed look all the time. However, it is apparent that as much as both are useful, the steamer comes with more benefits that the conventional iron lacks. This is not to say the iron cannot be helpful, but if you want to go for more of style and convenience, then the steamer is the way to go. It is evident that with the steamer, you can always do more than you could achieve using the iron.

This does not come as a surprise since the iron has been around for a whole now, but the steamer seems to be taking over. The steamer’s makes, features, ease-of-use, and safety go a long way in making this appliance a choice of many. The next time you are out to look for an ironing solution, you will know what to turn to.

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