How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Curtains

Curtains are an essential accessory in our houses and offices. They have become a fashion statement and an important part of our home decoration.

A home that has been decorated with well-designed curtains will appear more beautiful and classy.

Covering the windows will prevent direct sunlight from entering the rooms while creating a soft and finished appearance to the room.

However, having creased and wrinkled curtains will make your house to look untidy.

The curtains are usually wrinkled when they come out of a package. As such, you need to have the correct setup and methods to get rid of the wrinkles.

There are several ways of getting rid of wrinkles such as using the steamer, ironing, and laundering.

Below are several ways of removing wrinkles out of curtains.

Use a Steam Machine

A steam device is eco-friendly and very efficient. Steam cleaning is very effective because it does not use any toxic and harmful chemicals such as ammonia that can be harmful to the people.

Therefore, using the steamer to get rid of the wrinkles of curtains is an excellent idea. The machine only uses heat and water meaning that your home remains free from pollution.

The steamer is efficient since it removes the wrinkles faster as compared to other methods. This method is more beneficial since the process takes less time. Also, the process does not need you to take the curtains down as such is faster than ironing them. Here are several steps to follow when removing the wrinkles.

• The first step is filling the reservoir of the steam device with water and then allows it to heat up. The steamer does not take too long to heat, and so it will not waste your time.

• The machine has several attachments, but for curtains, it is advisable that you use squeegee and the fabric steamer attachment. Attach the fabric steam and the squeegee and at the end of the appliance and start steaming the curtains.

• Continue steaming until you get rid of all wrinkles. The steam machine will leave your curtains looking freshened. It will also be safe for you and your family to touch the curtains since the steam sanitizes them without leaving any chemical.
Laundering and pressing

• The first thing that you should do is to know the fabric care labels of the curtain, so that know the best method of attention.

• Wash the curtains with a mild washing detergent in lukewarm on gentle cycle, if the fabric can be washed in the machine. Fill tub more than half way water and then evenly distribute the curtains in the tub. Even though many loading machines can hold larger laundry, it is important that you leave some space at the top. It is advisable that you clean and dry small load of curtains rather than one big load of clothes.

• The next step is to remove the curtains from the washing machine when the load is done. Then put the curtains in the dryer, setting them to a cool environment. Adding some small towels with the curtains will assist the curtain from bunching together and creasing.

• The last step is to remove the curtains from the dryer when it is slightly wet. If the curtains still have some remaining wrinkles then press the curtains with a steam iron. Ensure that you use the heat that is appropriate for fabric type. Finally, hang curtains in the window.

Blow Dry The Curtain

Many people are not aware that they can use the same device that is used to straighten the hair to get rid of wrinkles out of curtains.

A concentrated burst of hot air that is released by the blow dry is effective enough to get rid of wrinkles.

Hold the dryer just about two inches from the curtain to avoid destroying the fabric.

Continue doing that for a few minute, and you will notice that the wrinkles will start disappearing.

Use A Flat Iron

Although it might seem to consume a lot of time, flat ironing your curtain is another way of removing wrinkles.

Use the flat iron to press wrinkled parts of the curtain to remove the wrinkles.

Make sure that you wipe off to build up on the plates and also check the temperature settings.

Use A Damp Towel

You can place the curtains on a flat surface then place a damp towel on the wrinkled areas.

Ensure that you press hard so that to smoothen out deep creases. Then hang the curtains to air dry.

Iron Your Curtain

Ironing is the most used method since most people find it to be easier and affordable.

There different ways in which curtain can be laid when ironing. However, you may find that some positions work better than the other positions.

Ensure that you place the curtain in the right way to prevent missing the wrinkles.

If your iron does not have the spray or steam, use your water bottle to sprinkle some water to the curtain until it gets dump.

Pass the iron back and forth until the creases are removed.

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