While vacuuming your carpet is a great way to remove dust, crumbs, and other small items regularly, it doesn’t provide the thorough and deep clean of shampooing a carpet.

Shampooing your carpet on a semi-regular basis offers both a deep clean and also extends the life of your carpet. You can choose to either rent or buy the machine for shampooing and steaming your carpet depending on your budget and how often you plan to perform the task.

Once you have the equipment and you’re ready to go, follow these steps to perform a deep shampoo clean:

1. Clear the room

Before you even begin, clear all of the furniture out of the room you are planning to clean. You want to expose as much of the carpet as possible to make it easier to clean the area.

If there are large furniture items in the room, you can choose to have someone help you to remove them or to work around them.

Should you leave large furniture, such as bookcases, in the room, use wood blocks or plastic film to protect them from the water.

2. Preparation

When the room is as clear as possible, seek out small tough stains and use a stain remover spray on these spots.

Then, run your vacuum cleaner over the full area to remove hair, dust, and larger particles, and fluff up the carpet to make the shampooing more effective.

Doing this will also give you the chance to spot and pick up items such as hair clips, rubber bands, etc., which could jam the extractor on the shampooing equipment.

Ensure you have treated the stains found and sprayed with the stain remover prior to moving on to the next step.

3. Understand How Your Machine Works

If this is the first time you have used your shampooing machine, or if you have rented the machine, ensure you read the instructions carefully and fully understand how it works.

You can look up tutorials online if you remain unsure after reading the instruction manual.

Add the water and shampoo as specified in the instruction manual, paying attention to add the exact amount of shampoo suggested.

4. Using the Machine

Turn the machine on and begin working from one corner of the room. Try to get as close to the walls as possible and slowly walk in a straight line from one side of the room to the other.

Then, turn around and move the machine to a new line which overlaps the first slightly and walk back to the first wall. Repeat this process until the entire room has been completed.

It is essential to make sure you walk slowly and give the machine time to work. The slower you go, the deeper the clean.

Also ensure you keep an eye on the dirty water tank and to empty the tank when it is full.

5. The Second Run

After you’ve completed the shampooing process, run your machine over the area again with just cold water and no soap.

It is possible that the machine has left behind some residue and this ensures the carpet is fully cleaned.

You can go a little faster than when you were shampooing during the second run.

6. Finishing the Job

You will need to wait for the carpet to fully dry before you can do anything else.

This can take up to six hours depending on the size of the room. If you are shampooing more than one carpet in your home, move on to the next room while leaving the first room to dry.

Once you are sure the carpet is fully dry, run the vacuum over the carpet one more time and then replace all of the furniture you removed at the beginning.

Helpful Hints and Tips

  • When tackling the tough stains with stain remover spray, ensure you dab the area with a cloth to remove the mark. While it is tempting to rub or scrub the area, this will just ground the stain into the carpet and make it more difficult to remove.


  • While it may seem excessive, it is essential to vacuum your carpet prior to shampooing. The larger dust balls and particles can affect the effectiveness of the shampooing process if not removed prior to cleaning.


  • Always familiarize yourself with the instructions for the shampooing machine. This is essential as there are many different types of machines which work in a variety of ways. If you are even a little uncertain, watch a tutorial online by searching for the make and model of the machine in a search engine.


  • Keep an eye on the dirty water tank while using the machine. If the dirty water tank gets too full it can damage the machine or even spill out on to your newly cleaned carpet! Most machines have a warning system to let you know when the dirty water tank is full, but keep a close eye on it anyway.


  • Take your time during the process. Allow yourself a full day for shampooing your carpets and go slowly when shampooing. The slower you go the more effective the clean. Also, take the time to perform a second run for the best results.


  • Make sure the carpet is bone dry before attempting to move furniture back into the room. Moving furniture onto a wet carpet, particularly wood furniture, can create lasting marks on your carpet.

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