J-2 Jiffy Garment Steamer Review

Overall Rating

  • Performance 93%
  • Design 85%
  • Safety 84%
  • Convenience 83%
  • Cost-Benefit 93%


– Great durability
– Versatile
– Great steaming power
– Big water tank
– 3-year warranty


– Expensive
– Heavy for some
– Hose may heat a lot after use

Unlike other similar products, the J-2 Jiffy Garment Steamer does not come with a huge spectacle. The manufacturer simply puts the details in the description and lets the steamer do the talking. What makes it more interesting is its unusual name.

Now, let us take a closer look at the J-2 and see what it offers.

First Impressions

Jiffy Steamer is an established American company well-known for manufacturing high quality products. Many retailers in the clothing industry use Jiffy steamers in their clothing lines.

Although it comes at a premium price, this steamer has a 3-year warranty. Many of its competitors do not offer any warranty or have shorter warranties.

The Specifications

Power – 1300W

2 Hour steam time per filling

5.6-foot hose with 6-inch steam head

3 Year Warranty

Quick two minute heat-up time

Die cast aluminium housing

J-2 Jiffy Features


At first look, you may find this product a little bit strange. It does not even try to look trendy or sleek. It has a wheeled stand and chunky, rounded water bottle, so it kind of looks like an item that comes straight out of the laboratory of a mad scientist.

The water bottle is detachable and the stand is made from telescoping tubes that can be adjusted. This is not just useful, but also essential for the product. Not many steamers have this kind of feature, which is quite surprising.

The hose is 5 feet and 6 inches long and the steam head is 6 inches. Combined, the length of the hose and steam is 6 feet, which is long enough for any steaming needs.

This garment steamer comes with a plastic steam head, and for a few more dollars, you can get a metal steam head. The great thing about the metal head is that it also heats up, so it can also work as an iron. Moreover, it is much tougher and can withstand accidental falls.

However, in exchange for these “extra” features, the metal steam head is heavier than the plastic steam head.

Interestingly, a plastic steam head in pink is also available for a higher price than the metal steam head.

I really like the telescoping stand and the fact that it is made from heavy metal, unlike the fragile aluminum kind that you get with other garment steamers. It is durable and will not just suddenly fall down.


J-2 Jiffy Garment Steamer Pros and Cons


  • One thing that Jiffy garment steamers can really boast of is their long lifespan, and the J-2 steamer is not an exception. You can see lots of customers who got their Jiffy products back in the 1990s reporting that their steamers are still going strong. The J-2 steamer is made from quality materials and that is why it is really durable.
  • Its steaming power of 1300 watts really gets rid of those wrinkles from different types of fabrics.
  • Easy to refill – simply detach the plastic water bottle, fill it up, and then reconnect it.
  • Jiffy says that the J-2 steamer has a fast heat up of about two minutes and it absolutely delivers its promise.
  • You will not experience sputtering as it has a steady steam output.
  • The water bottle has a capacity of one gallon, and it gives a steam time of about two hours.
  • No spewing of boiling water.


  • Compared to other garment steamers, J-2 is a bit more expensive.
  • The wheels may tend to roll around a bit as you steam. When this happens, I recommend that you wedge an object next to the wheels to lock it in place.
  • The hose can become hot and its material does not offer protection from heat. When the steamer is heated up, it can burn your skin when you touch it. You can put on heat-resistant gloves or insulate the hose.

J-2 Jiffy Garment Steamer Conclusion

The aforementioned disadvantages should not discourage you from purchasing this steamer. Its benefits definitely outweigh any of those drawbacks. The J-2 Jiffy garment steamer is all about powerful steaming. There is no spewing hot water or sputtering steam that will annoy you. Its lifespan is long enough (can last for decades) for your children to use it.

A bit if extra work may be needed like, as mentioned, covering the hose in insulation so that will not get burned when it heats up. You can also just wear oven mitts or other heat-resistant gloves while steaming. However, this is just a small effort considering all the benefits the steamer gives.

Although the J-2 Jiffy garment steamer is a bit pricey, it is built to last for years and it is truly a high-quality steamer that works extremely well. This product is a great investment, so I highly recommend it.

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