PureSteam XL Garment Steamer Review

Overall Rating

  • Performance 88%
  • Design 88%
  • Safety 83%
  • Convenience 89%
  • Cost-Benefit 94%


– Price
– Lightweight
– Easy to assemble
– Easy to transport


– Does not work as well on denser fabrics
– No steam control valve

Steaming is a much easier way to get rid of wrinkles than ironing. For starters, some items just do not easily fit on an ironing board. Things like curtains or draperies are too large and heavy to easily iron. Shirts and suits have all kinds of corners and hems that aren’t always easy to get to.

A garment steamer, though, is a much better option for eliminating wrinkles in any kind of fabric and the PureStream XL Garment Steamer is one of the best on the market.

The Specifications

Power – 1500W

1 Hour steam time per filling

2-year warranty

5 feet hose length

7 feet cord length

Garment hanger with clips

PureSteam XL Garment Steamer Features


This clothes steamer has a 45-60 second heating time, which is faster than most irons and other steamers.

This initial heating will then give you 60 minutes of steaming time. It comes with a telescopic pole, so it’s easy to use on draperies that may be a little higher than what someone could easily reach. It will then collapse again to make storage simpler.

It comes with rolling casters, so when moving around a hanging garment, it will follow easily and won’t need to be picked up and moved.

Included with the steamer is a garment hanger with clips to easily and conveniently hang whatever you’re steaming. The removable half gallon water take contributes to the long steam time and is easily filled and reattached. It’s tall and has a long hose, making it perfect for tall users.

PureSteam XL Additional Features

When using any garment steamer, it’s best to work from the top of the fabric or garment to the bottom because there’s less chance of getting burned.

Burns are always a danger when using something like a fabric steamer, so take caution when moving the nozzle around to always keep it aimed at the fabric. This steamer gets particularly hot, so be especially cautious when using it.

Be careful when moving the base that it doesn’t get knocked over as this could cause water to spill. Always be mindful of any water that may have leaked on the floor as it could lead to a fall.

PureSteam XL Garment Steamer Pros and Cons


It’s exceptionally affordable, coming in at around $70 or less, and it comes with a 2-year money back warranty.

It’s lightweight and easy to assemble. It heats up quickly and is a compact size that is easy to store. The base is sturdy and doesn’t tip over easily.

Gets normal, everyday jobs like dress shirts and slacks done quickly and effectively.

Easy to transport to use on other household items, like curtains or furniture.

Many users have said that the company’s customer service is excellent.


Some users have found that, while it works great on lighter fabrics, heavier, denser things may require following up with an iron to eliminate wrinkles altogether. There have also been complaints that some water does leak out because the hose can get twisted or kinked, causing pressure to build up and expel water.

The material is very lightweight so it can be difficult to control when it’s moving around on its wheels.

Some users have claimed that the water tank does not hold as much water as it claims and that it does not steam for 60 minutes.

Some reviews have pointed out that the garment hanger is not easily designed for turning the garment around to finish steaming. The garment needs to be removed from the clips and repositioned, instead of just being able to rotate the hanger.

Another issue is that there is not control valve for the steam. While it lets out a 60-second burst of steam, if the garment is completed in the middle of this period, the steam will keep coming out. There’s also no way to boost the amount of steam if there is a particularly difficult wrinkle to smooth out.

PureSteam XL Garment Steamer Conclusion

If you’re in the market for a garment steamer under $100, and you won’t be working with really heavy fabrics all the time, then the PureSteamXL is a great choice. It will get the job done on most types of garments and leave you looking fresh and wrinkle free.

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