Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Review

Overall Rating

  • Performance 94%
  • Design 93%
  • Safety 91%
  • Convenience 94%
  • Cost-Benefit 95%


– 1.5 hours of continuous ironing and constant high-powered steam
– Portable and easy to use
– Eco friendly
– Exceptional 5 bars of pressure


– Dial is a bit hard to grasp
– Steam comes out a bit louder

Are you searching for the best garment steam station to iron your clothes? Garment steamers, also known as clothes steamers are devices that you use to remove wrinkles from your fabrics and garments. They use powerful steam jets of water to carry out this function fast and efficiently. Bear in mind that steamers work by relaxing clothes fibers as compared to traditional ironing that involves flattening.

One advantage of using steam stations for removing wrinkles from your clothes and fabrics is that the relaxing process is gentle, delicate to fabrics such as silk and eliminates scorching. One model of a steam iron station you should consider buying is the Rowenta dg8520 Garment Steam Station.

The reason is that it’s easy to use, portable and comes with a large water tank or reservoir. This Rowenta dg8520 review looks at its specifications, features, pros and cons.

The Specifications

1.5 hours of continuous ironing

Visible, Extra Large and removable water Tank

Power-1800-Watt Eco Energy, saving you up to 20% of energy

Safety Lock System, for easy storage and safety

120g of pressurized wrinkle-removing steam

Comfort Grip Handle

Rowenta Dg8520 Garment Steam Station Features

Rowenta DG8520 Garment Steamer

While testing the Rowenta dg8520, we found it to be a device with several features that make ironing an easy and enjoyable task. Below we look at these features in detail.

The Rowenta dg8520 provides you with a powerful and constant steam which makes it easier for you to remove wrinkles from your fabrics. Its iron Rowenta soleplates provide you with an even steam distribution across the steamer’s entire soleplate. The result is efficient ironing and steam penetration.

The Rowenta soleplates have a thick aluminum central core that ensures heat spreads fast. That’s without certain areas heating up quickly than others.

The convenient Rowenta irons can use tap water as result of their design. The water transforms into a powerful steam without leaking or spitting.

The Rowenta soleplates are of high-quality stainless steel, which allows for a maximum glide across all garments and fabrics. This garment steamer also comes with a unique tip that’s perfect for getting between buttons, along seams and into a pleat, which is good when carrying out professional craft work.

The Rowenta dg8520 garment steam station generates 120g of wrinkle removing steam that’s pressurized. The result is that you get professional results that remove even the most stubborn of creases.

The Rowenta dg8520 steam control panel includes many indicators that make your steaming sessions easier.

Its eco-setting ensures that this garment steamer uses 20% less energy and heats up within three minutes, while the delivering the perfect ironing results.

Its removable water tank, 47 ounce gives you 1.5 hours of ironing with continuous and powerful steam. This feature saves you time since it produces three times more steam that the traditional iron. The steaming function saves you money as it refreshes your garments fast; making your previous trips to the dry cleaner a thing of the past.

You want a garment steamer that’s easy to store and is safe, its Safety Lock System ensures it’s safe and secure when it comes to storage.

The Rowenta dg8520 removable water tanks ensure that refilling water is easy, while its vertical steam is perfect for the steaming of hanging garments, drapes and curtains.

Rowenta Dg8520 Steam Station Pros and Cons


When carrying out this Rowenta dg8520 review, this steam station had many advantages.

The first one was its powerful and plentiful steam. It enables you to iron for 90 minutes without refilling water. This steam saves you time and effort as you don’t have to press fabrics that show ironing marks. It eliminates all wrinkles and crisps at once. If you were searching for the perfect steam iron station, this device is for you.

It has an on/off switch, which makes it safe for use as it can turn itself automatically off if you forgot it on, ensuring your fabrics are safe. This device heats up fast, for example, takes three minutes.

The large water reservoir ensures you remove wrinkles from your clothes for over 1.5 hours. You can refill water without removing it from its base unit, for example, all you need is to flip the lid and pour in water, including that from the tap.

The cord is long, making this steam station easy to use when ironing and moving around your ironing board.


The dial is a bit hard to grasp and turn as it’s directly under the handle. You may also find a bit hard to read due to its positioning

Steam comes out a bit louder, but considering how powerful it gets out, it may just pass a minor inconvenience.

Rowenta DG8520 Garment Steamer Conclusion

If you were searching for an efficient and powerful fabric steamer to remove wrinkles from your garments and fabrics, the Rowenta DG8520 is one device you should consider buying. It makes ironing fun and secures your materials as you use it for professional clothing projects or your family’s clothes.

As this Rowenta dg8520 review shows, you will benefit greatly from its powerful steam that lasts over 90 minutes. The Rowenta dg8520 is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars as a result of its ease of use and effectiveness.

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