Rowenta IS6202 Garment Steamer Review

Overall Rating

  • Performance 93%
  • Design 87%
  • Safety 85%
  • Convenience 89%
  • Cost-Benefit 94%


– Easy To Operate and Transport
– Continuous Heating, No Auto Shut-off
- Powerful Steam Output
– Large Water Tank Capacity
– Includes Large Steam Head, Fabric Brush, and Lint Roller


– Steam Output May Become Inconsistent After A Few Months
– Can Be Pricey

Garment steamers used to be a tool that only crafters, professional dressmakers, tailors, clothing manufacturers and shops utilized for their trade. This was because old clothing steamers were bulky and expensive. But these days, garment steamers have been simplified to fit an average household’s needs.

The Rowenta IS6202 Garment Steamer is one such innovation. It is a professional-grade garment steamer that has the same power as its industrial counterparts. Rowenta is a leading home and garment care appliance manufacturer in the United States. The company has also dubbed the Rowenta IS6202 as its Partner of Fashion for the technology used in this garment steamer.

This review aims to provide comprehensive information regarding the Rowenta IS6202 Garment Steamer. Read on for its different functionalities, advantages, and drawbacks to help you arrive at an informed decision when choosing a garment steamer for your household.

The Specifications

Power – 1500W

1 Hour Continuous Steam Output

Adjustable Height

1-year Warranty

Includes Large Transparent Water Tank

Built-in Hanger and Clips

Rowenta IS6202 Garment Steamer Features

rowenta is6202 review

The Rowenta Garment Steamer (model IS6202)’s physical design is modeled after a travel suitcase, which its owner can just tilt and drag the device on its wheels. The Rowenta steamer applies this innovation with its Tilt and Roll system.

Its water tank can store up to 81 ounces of water, suitable for an hour-long steaming session. The whole device weighs about 12 pounds.

The Rowenta IS6202 steamer also sports a flexible hose and telescoping steamer poles that allow you to adjust the streamer’s distance with the fabric you are steaming. The steamer is powered by a 1500-watt heating component.

There is an on/off switch located at the device’s base which you can activate with your foot if your hands are otherwise occupied when steaming.

As a Partner of Fashion, it is essential for the Rowenta IS6202 to come with a built-in hanger and clips. This makes steaming clothes easier and faster.

Rowenta IS6202 Garment Steamer Pros and Cons


As a professional-grade garment steamer, the Rowenta IS6202’s main advantage is its long operation time. It can continuously work for up to 1 hour without automatically shutting off. This feature is helpful for dressmakers and crafters who need to have properly ironed edges or seams before they can continue sewing them.

The continuous operating time is also made possible by the large water tank. This is another feature that most users welcome since it prevents frequent refilling sessions.

With a 1500-watt heating mechanism, the Rowenta IS6202 is able to produce steam that is powerful enough to remove wrinkles in seconds.

As mentioned earlier, the Rowenta garment steamer’s tilt and roll technology is helpful in bringing the steamer around the house to perform cloth steaming sessions. The device is not that heavy and with the use of its back wheels, it will just feel like lugging around a suitcase.

Another advantage for getting the Rowenta IS6202 garment steamer is the set of accessories it includes. In addition to the built-in hanger and clips, you will get a crease-making attachment, a lint roller, and a fabric brush for a more efficient and perfect finish to your fabrics.


The main reported drawback of the Rowenta IS6202 garment steamer is that it may lose its original steam output capacity just after a few months of use. This issue may be caused by accumulated calcium deposits on the steamer. So to prevent this, routinely clean the steamer and make sure to use the recommended tap water only. If issues still persist, do not hesitate to contact Rowenta’s customer support team.

A minor gripe associated with the model IS6202 steamer is its price. But for the product quality you are getting, this issue may just as well be nitpicking. Rowenta products are known for their durability and efficiency, and the IS6202 steamer will not fail you.

Rowenta IS6202 Garment Steamer Conclusion

Getting a garment steamer is the way to go if you want a more efficient and faster way of removing the wrinkles from your clothes. A garment steamer like the Rowenta IS6202 is also suitable for those who love to craft, sew, and quilt. Ultimately, it is more convenient and cost-efficient to have a fabric steamer that you can use both for your family’s clothes and for your craft projects.

Overall, the Rowenta IS6202 garment steamer is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. You will benefit from its professional-grade steaming power and the efficiency it brings to your domestic life.

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