Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Garment Steamer Review

Overall Rating

  • Performance 86%
  • Design 86%
  • Safety 85%
  • Convenience 88%
  • Cost-Benefit 90%


– Only 8 pds
– Roll and Press feature
– Good steaming power
– Large water tank
– Good accessories


– Heats up after prolonged use
– Small height makes it hard to clean taller material
– Average hose length

The Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet garment steamer is known for its innovative functionality and design, featuring a patented roll and press technology.

Created with storage in mind, you will have no problem finding places to store this device thanks to integrated hanger clips and its compact design.

The Specifications

Power – 1550W

1 Hour steam time per filling

Built-in hanger with garment clips and a hook

Stay-cool handle and flexible hose

Adjustable-height telescopic pole

1 Year warranty

Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Features


This device is ready to begin steaming in just 60 seconds. It also features a large 80 ounce water reservoir which allows you to steam for over an hour without interruptions, which means you can use this around the house even in larger furniture and materials such as rugs or upholstery.

With its 1550 watts of power, the Rowenta IS6300 is able to produce a great amount of steam allowing to clean a wide variety of fabric.

This model provides convenience with the foot operated power switch and a useful auto turn off safety system that shuts down automatically when the tank runs out. To add to that, there is an integrated garment clip that holds clothes in place for an easier, faster steaming process.

Another convenience of this device that many consumers love is the fact that the water tank is transparent, making it easy to notice when the water is running out. The transparent water tank is around 20 ounces bigger than the average reservoir, giving this model the ability to be used for longer uninterrupted periods of time.

It is important to note that, as with many other steamers, the manufacturers of this model recommend using distilled water only as tap water may affect the performance negatively and even clog the hose causing long-term problems. Therefore, we highly recommend you read the manufacturer instructions in order to take care of your investment and enjoy the best performance possible.

This versatile machine is able to remove the deepest of creases from all types of materials imaginable. You can use the Rowenta Master Valet to clean clothes, rugs, upholstery, sofas, mattresses, etc. It can also remove pet hair, debris and lint just like any professional steamer.

Incredibly easy to use, all you need to do is fill the water tank until the recommended level, press the power switch located at the bottom with your foot and wait for the light indicating that the device is on. All this process takes just under a minute.

It is important to remember that as with all powerful steamers, the steam head will get hot after using for a prolonged period of time, which is why it should be handled carefully not to cause any harm.

Rowenta IS6300 Additional Features

A stand out feature in this model is the new patented roll and press vertical support, which provides a seamless steaming experience.

The surface was neatly projected to work as an ironing board, which provides a safe surface to steam your clothes and remove wrinkles and creases. It is also very convenient as you do not have to use a traditional ironing board.

On top of that, the patented roll and press feature makes it very easy to steam your garments quickly without the hassle of your clothes swinging back and forth as it normally happens with other upright steamers. Furthermore, this feature frees your other hand making the steaming process a lot easier.

Measuring 9 ft., the power cord is no different than the average steamer. However, the cord is not retractable which some users say is annoying and could be changed.

There are three accessories that come with the Rowenta IS6300 out of the box; the lint pad, fabric bush and delicate steam cap for finer fabric.

The lint pad, as the name suggests, is great for removing lint and pet hair from clothing and other fabrics, the fabric brush is great for better steam penetration and the steam cap helps filter out impurities and provide better steam distribution.

Rowenta IS6300 Garment Steamer Pros and Cons


Weighing only 8 pds, this device is easy to move around the house. Add an easy assembly and an easy start up process and you have a very convenient garment steamer. In addition, its compact design makes it easy to store even in tight spaces.

The patented roll and press feature makes steaming clothes a breeze and faster than with other steamers.

A larger than average water tank means you can have over an hour of uninterrupted steaming, giving you the freedom to work on larger apparel.

Combine that with the powerful steaming capacity and you have a versatile machine that can steam all sorts of furniture and fabrics around the house.

All of these features, with the extra accessories that come out of the box make this device a great all-around substitute for your ironing needs.


Like with most steamers, some users complain that the handle can get very hot after being in use for more than 30 minutes. As stated before, injuries can be avoided with proper use.

Another feature that proved cumbersome for some users was the small height of the device which can make it difficult for taller users and can also make it difficult to steam longer apparels. In addition, the length of the hose is average which can also make it difficult to steam in greater heights.


Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Garment Steamer Conclusion

In conclusion, the Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Garment Steamer is a great device that will certainly make your life easier with its versatility and effectiveness.

Its patented roll and press feature, its included accessories, its big water tank and its great steaming power make this a perfect choice if you want to replace your iron for good.

On Amazon, this model got a great rating of 4/5 stars.

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