Rowenta IS9200 Garment Steamer Review

Overall Rating

  • Performance 92%
  • Design 87%
  • Safety 85%
  • Convenience 82%
  • Cost-Benefit 91%


– Great durability
– Versatile
– Great steaming power
– Big water tank
– 1-year warranty


– Heats up after prolonged use
– Price is higher than average

The Rowenta IS9200 Garment Steamer is one of the latest additions to Rowenta’s Precision Valet Commercial Steamer line. The steamer boasts ergonomic construction, high steam output, and an affordable price tag of just $180. In addition to allowing you to refresh and remove wrinkles from clothing, the Rowenta IS9200 can be used to disinfect all of your household fabrics and upholstery with ease. This professional-grade steamer is packed with extra features and accessories that eliminate the hassle in steaming every type of material.
The Specifications
Power – 1550W
2.5 Hour steam time per filling
16.1 x 13.8 x 11.4 inches
1 Year Warranty
Quick 60 seconds heat-up time
Automatic safety switch-off
IS9200 Features
rowenta is9200 garment steamer

The Rowenta IS9200 is a compact steamer, measuring just 16.1 x 13.8 x 11.4 inches. With its telescopic poles extended, the entire unit measures approximately 5 feet high. Performance-wise, the Rowenta IS9200 is an impressive steamer. The unit operates on 1,500 watts of power and boasts a 1-gallon water reservoir that allows for 2 to 5 hours of continuous usage — enough to outpower your biggest steaming projects.

The unit has an adjustable hanger to help with steaming a variety of clothing types, and there are multiple steam settings from low to high — a convenient feature that allows you to adjust the level of steam for different fabrics. The Rowenta IS9200 also has several features that add to the unit’s ease of use, such as tilt-and-roll construction, automatic shut-off, a retractable power cord, and an adjustable telescopic pole.

The Rowenta IS9200 is extremely easy to use: simply fill the water reservoir to the recommended level, flip the power switch located on the base, and wait until the indicator light to come on. In less than 60 seconds, the water will be heated and ready to create steam that you can use to refresh and sanitize clothes, mattresses, bed covers, rugs, linens, and upholstery.

With many other steamers, distilled water must be used in order to prevent clogging and other problems. One definite advantage of the Rowenta IS9200 over other steamers is that regular tap water can be used in the reservoir without any difficulties. Not having to use distilled water with the IS200 makes the unit particularly cost effective.

The Rowenta IS9200 comes with several attachments to assist in a wide variety of tasks. They include: a crease tool for creating a crease on a garment, a curtain extension to help you reach high or far areas, a fabric upholstery brush, for refreshing furniture, and a lint brush for last-minute clothing touch-ups. Accessories are stored in two compartments in the steamer base.The Rowenta IS9200 also ones with a foot pedal that can be used to turn the machine on and off as well as change the steam level, making your steam jobs faster and easier.

Rowenta IS9200 Garment Steamer Pros and Cons


The variable steam settings ensure that the Rowenta IS9200 is more than powerful enough for the needs of most users. Not only is it tough enough to handle heavy-duty jobs like furniture and upholstery cleaning, but it also heats up quickly and has a handle that remains cool during long steaming sessions.

The large water tank means you won’t have to constantly stop and refill the unit. The reservoir is also transparent, making it easy to see when the water level is low.

The folding and rolling feature makes the Rowenta IS9200 Garment Steamer easy to travel with, store, and move around from room to room.


Every garment steamer has its design flaws, and the Rowenta IS9200 is no exception. One major disadvantage of this steamer is that it an get too hot for certain materials.

Even the lowest setting is too hot for delicate fabrics like silk and fine wool. Another problem some customers have with the Rowenta IS9200 is its high price compared to other steamers.

IS9200 Garment Steamer Conclusion

The Rowenta IS9200 Garment Steamer is a great unit for anyone needing a steamer that can handle heavy-duty jobs like furniture and upholstery. Easy to operate, move around, and store, it delivers professional results in a surprisingly compact package.

While the Rowenta IS900 Garment Steamer is more expensive than other home garment steamers, its price is balanced out by its exceptional performance.

It’s important to keep in mind that this steamer is a powerful commercial grade product and thus is priced toward the higher end of the spectrum.

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