Singer ESP-2 Steam Press Review

Overall Rating

  • Performance 92%
  • Design 86%
  • Safety 89%
  • Convenience 87%
  • Cost-Benefit 92%


– Good durability
– Really good steaming power
– Easy to use
– Useful accessories
– 1-year warranty


– Be careful not to get burnt when opening
– Design not very easy to move around

Singer ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press is made by Singer. Singer is one of the renowned sellers of sewing machines and other trusted brands. The company is also known to be the first to make the world’s first portable machine; the first computer controlled machine as well as the first zigzag machine. This is, therefore, a clear indication that the Singer ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press is a uniquely designed product to make your work easy.

The Singer ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press is made from the Singer’s commitment to quality that has made it one of the manufacturers of exceptional Home Essentials. For the last 160 years, Singer has delivered excellent family products that are used as either garment care or construction. Their products are known for their durability. The Singer Steam Press also continues their tradition of performance.

The review provided here aims at providing a detailed description of Singer ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press. You should, therefore, read to have an informed view concerning the different aspects of the product like features, merits, and demerits. Having this information can be very vital when it comes to purchasing products for your household.

The Specifications
Dimensions – 25.8 by 21.2 by 8.2 inches.
Weighs 22 pounds.
Has other accessories like pressuring cushion, measuring cup, and spray bottle.
Complies with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
1-year warranty
Singer ESP-2 Steam Press Features
singer esp2 electronic steam press

The Singer ESP-2 Steam Press presses with very powerful bursts of steam. It produces almost 100 pounds of pressure.

This is achieved just with a single fingertip force. Depending on the type of fabric that you are using, you either have the options of no steam or use the electronically pumped steam. If you have fabric that only needs steam, you can easily set it to suit your demands. It is fitted with an alarm that goes on and off after every 10 seconds.

The alarm will also remind you to lift the handle to ensure that the fabric is not exposed to heating for a very long time. It’s pressing area measures 24 by 9 inches implying that it offers you a larger area as compared to the conventional iron. There is also a safety shut off button that turns the unit off if the handle is left up for 15 minutes. This gives you some peace of mind.

It also has the capability of opening wide when you have larger items to press. The handle is very comfortable thus offering a very firm grip. The pad covers are also movable making it easier to clean. After locking its handle, you can easily carry it, as it weighs only 22 pounds.

Singer ESP-2 Steamer Pros and Cons


It is easy to use. It has a user’s manual that will guide you on how to operate. The manual also describes the amount of heat that you need for various types of fabrics. You do not have to be an expert in the steam press to know how to use it.

This unique product makes it possible to iron even wrinkles that other types of iron failed to release. It is very accurate and effective in ironing pants and suits thus giving you a very professional look.

Using the Singer ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press reduces that amount of money you use in replacing your outfits. There are some clothes that however much you iron, they still remain wrinkled. You are, therefore forced, to buy new clothes. With this product, you will not have to order new clothes. Simply iron the old stock.

It also helps you reduce the amount of time that you take when ironing your clothes. This is attributed to its larger than the normal board. The fact that it has the capacity of using steam and electricity during ironing implies that you will take half the amount of time that you would take when using the ordinary irons.


You need to be very careful when using this unique appliance. The front part does not open as wide as the back part, meaning that you can easily get burnt when using it. The temperatures are also very high. The power button can also burn you if you are not very careful as it gets heated as you use it.

You also need to be careful as there is some grease or oily substance that is on the pressing surface. To avoid spoiling your clothes, you need to find a way of cleaning the pressing surface to get rid of the grease-like substance.

Singer ESP-2 Steam Press Conclusion

Using the Singer ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press is the tried and tested method that you should use if you want to do away with wrinkles on your clothes. If there are clothes that you have been avoiding to put on because of lack of a product that will help you to remove the wrinkles, then Singer got you covered.

The Singer ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press has an overall rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 after 442 reviews. Purchasing this product implies that you have care about your appearance.

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