Steam Butler by Econoco Review

Overall Rating

  • Performance   92%
  • Design   88%
  • Safety   89%
  • Convenience   89%
  • Cost-Benefit   94%


– Price
– Easy to set up
– Easy to transport
– Great at removing wrinkles


– May get very hot
– Prone to toppling over

People have switched from using irons on their clothes to the super fast and simple process of cloth steaming. The task is really easy as you just use the flow of the steam jet to get the wrinkles out of your dresses.

There are quite a few clothing steamers out there but few match the quality and performance that we expect from them. Today we will review a garment steamer which will make you forget your trips to the dry cleaners.

We have the Econoco Steam Butler, the Powerful Commercial Clothing Steamer which smoothens even the toughest wrinkles no matter what type of fabric we are using. In this Econoco Steam Butler review we will let you know what makes this a sound investment and how it can ease your life a bit more.

So stay tuned with us!

The Specifications

Heavy duty materials and build

Water capacity of 2.6 liters

Powered by 1350 watts

Easily mountable water tank

Durable brass fittings, heating parts

Full aluminum cloth hanging pole

Econoco Steam Butler Features

steam butler by econoco

The features of the Econoco Steam Butler make it a charm to use. There are various functions and clever designing that helps the product deliver a stellar performance that lasts for years even if you use it commercially at the stores.

So let’s have a look at the features that makes this clothing steamer a great purchase.

Quick and Strong Steam

The steamer starts producing steam within 30 seconds of firing up the machine. It will need a few seconds more to produce a consistent and strong jet of steam and you can get to work. The steam is so powerful that you are advised to keep it off your hands or body.

The superheated steam takes away wrinkles from your shirts, denim, t-shits, trousers, wedding gowns, curtains and everything that you throw at it. Silk, cotton or any fabric, the Econoco Steam Butler always makes it smooth!

Light and Compact

The product has a really small footprint and fits wherever you put it- the tiny closet or at the back of your cupboard. It is also lightweight and comes equipped with rollers so that you can conveniently carry it across the floor.

Top Quality Build and Parts

The quality of the hose, the metal fittings and the whole Econoco Steam Butler is highly durable and made from high-quality materials. It is meant to last and will deliver its unmatched performance for a long time.

It also looks great with a superior finish and a retro steampunk look. The steamer is perfect for heavy duty use in the commercial areas.

Ease of Use

Every aspect of using the cloth steamer is easy and user friendly. There is nothing to assemble and the only thing you need to screw on is the clothes hanger. That thing is also a great addition, as you do not need a base or board to place the cloths for steaming.

The water container fits easily and you will find no difficulties in attaching the hose. It is made with superior soft plastic and features a pistol grip for easy use.

It is also completely maintenance free which means you can just use it just after filling up.

Econoco Steam Butler Garment Steamer Pros and Cons


  • Works great to effectively remove wrinkles from a variety of fabrics including the toughest and most delicate ones
  • The clothes hanger is stable and the unit does not wobble while in use
  • Easy to set up and start steamingl
  • Rollers ensure that you can carry it anywhere you want
  • It is really light on your pockets and affordable for the quality you are getting


  • The rubber hose gets hot as the steam keeps flowing through it, so you have to be careful
  • The slim base with the cloth rack makes the unit prone to toppling over. The clothes hanger should always be placed perpendicular to the base to prevent the event.

Econoco Steam Butler Garment Steamer Conclusion

Is it for you?

If you want an affordable garment steamer which works wonder on any type of material- go for this one. It is a no fuss product which gets the wrinkles off your clothes in a jiffy. It is easy to use and keeps on delivering awesome performance even with heavy duty use.

With it, it doesn’t take long and can help you get dressed for your office every morning, in no time. Just the way you want it.

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