Steam Fast SF-680 Review

Overall Rating

  • Performance 93%
  • Design 88%
  • Safety 89%
  • Convenience 92%
  • Cost-Benefit 92%


– Really easy to use
– Steams a variety of fabrics
– Use out of the box
– Good cost-benefit


– Takes some time to heat
– Hot pressing plate

We all prefer to do light and easy chores rather than the labor-intensive chores. Most of us would rather pay someone to dry clean our clothes. However, it does not escape us that our laundry bills are always high. That is where the Steam Fast SF-680 Press comes in. It does two things for us. One, it makes removal of creases a breeze and two, it makes the job much easier. In this review, we look at what to expect once you buy the Steam Fast SF-680 Steam Press.

The Specifications

Power – 1350W

A non-stick pressing plate

Digital controls

Steam burst

Auto shut-off feature

Size 8.19 by 25.59 by 21.38

Steam Fast SF-680 Features

Steam Fast SF-680 Digital Fabric Steam Press

The Steam Fast SF-680 is designed to steam press different types of fabrics that include silk, nylon, linen and wool. The non-stick pressing Teflon surface ensures that your garments do not stick onto it as you press them.

When trying to get rid of stubborn wrinkles, all you have to do is press the burst function to activate steam release. That will blast the fabrics with steam and soften them. Apart from softening the fabric to get rid of wrinkles, the fabric also is freshened. The Steam Fast SF-680 is equipped with a 10 ounces water storage tank. The use of a dual vaporizing technology that is used control the release of Steam from Steam Fast SF-680 reduces moisture wastage when steaming. It’s important to keep in mind that the manufacturer recommends that you only use distilled water.

That is because regular tap water is hard water; which means that it can cause scaling and block of the water passages in the Steam Fast SF-680. The unit is equipped with a red indicator light on the Steam Fast SF-680’s control panel. When you turn ON the steamer press, the red indicator lights up to show it’s ON. When the steamer is heating the steam, the green indicator turns on. Finally, when the Steam Fast SF-680 is ready for use, it turns yellow.

The Steam Fast SF-680 is equipped with an auto shut-off safety feature. When you close the pressing plate and leave the Steam Fast SF-680 ON for ten minutes, the Steam Fast SF-680 will turn off within 10 seconds. If it turns off turns off automatically when the pressing plate is closed, simply lift the press plate backup to turn on the heater. The Steam Fast SF-680’s heater will also turn off if the pressing plate stays lifted continuously for 15 minutes. To turn the heater ON again, you have to press the ON switch.

The Steam Fast SF-680 has a cord that is 6.6 feet long and the whole unit weighs slightly less than 21.5 pounds. This steam press has a compact design that allows it be moved with ease. That is because the press steamer is equipped with a knob that locks the ironing board and pressing plate together.

Steam Fast SF-680 Digital Steam Press Pros and Cons


  • The digital controls are self-explanatory. You simply press the right or left buttons to reuse or lower the steamer’s temperature.
  • The large pressing area of the Steam Fast SF-680 makes it easy to iron stuff such as bed sheets. That means you can easily iron your bed sheets and other garments faster than you would with a dry iron.
  • The Steam Fast SF-680 operates at high temperatures, which ensures the clothes are ironed to a crisp and all wrinkles are removed with great ease.
  • The Steam Fast SF-680 is well priced, that means you get sure value for your money.




  • You need to give it time to heat up before you start using it. That makes an iron a better choice for ironing small sized garments.
  • Some users said they accidentally touched the pressing plate while it was hot and open. That is because it opens up at an angle.
  • The reason whys the Steam Fast SF-680 is great for pressing large garments compared to small garments is because the Steam Fast SF-680 needs time to heat up after each use. Therefore, if you are pressing smaller garment or you are quick in adjusting your garments, you may feel the steam press is slowing you down.

Steam Fast SF-680 Garment Steamer Conclusion

The Steam Fast SF-680 is the best appliance you can have if you need to iron large and medium sized garments. You will be able to press your clothes like a professional without having to pay a fortune. If you are pressed for time, the Steam Fast SF-680 is what you need to get press those sheets and clothes fast. That is why we would recommend it to you any day.

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